Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Library & Instructional Technology Classes in January

Want to use the latest and greatest Blackboard tools to build a rich, interactive, online classroom? Interested in help locating and managing your research materials? Want to learn how to search the web more effectively? The following instructional technologies courses will be available in January:

Blackboard Series

* Blackboard Design and Content Basics
* Blackboard File Exchange Tools
* Blackboard Journal LX and Teams LX
* Integrating Library Resources Into Blackboard
* Blackboard Discussion Board
* Blackboard Question Pools and Tests

Library Series

* Introduction to RefWorks
* Google and Beyond: Advanced Web Search Techniques
* Faculty Research Tools
* Health on the Web

For the schedule and course descriptions of January's instruction technologies classes, see the January 3rd article in Bulletin Today. Faculty and staff can register through the Human Resources' Leadership Academy, and click on the link for Training Online. The RefWorks, Advanced Web Searching, and Health on the Web are open to students as well; students can contact John Heintz (email jpheintz; phone 651/962-4646) to register.

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